About Dr. Laura Sturgis

Dr. Laura Sturgis is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Hawaii since 1985. She has worked with adults at the Utah State University Counseling Center, the Veterans Administration in Honolulu; and with children, adolescents and families at the Children's Day Treatment Program, and as a consultant to Diamond Head Children's Mental Health and Kauai Children's Mental Health Services.

Dr. Sturgis enjoys working with children and adults of all ages, and uses a variety of traditional and advanced Western and Eastern psychotherapeutic tools and techniques in a multi-modal, eclectic, individualized treatment approach with a FOCUS on RESULTS. Believing in the inherent ability of the individual to heal oneself, and honoring all religious and spiritual beliefs, she acts as a catalyst for psycho-spiritual awareness, integration and healing, congruent with the client's own belief system.

She is the evolutionary developer of a guided imagery process called "Quantum Transformational Healing," and is a spiritual teacher, healer, visionary and international speaker in the area of spiritual transformation.

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