Counseling & Psychotherapy



Some of the common conditions often treated at TLC include:

Life adjustment problems - Depression - Low self-esteem - Insomnia - Anxiety - Panic attacks - Phobias - Couple or marital conflicts - Parenting problems - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - Drug and alcohol abuse - Troubled teens - Parental and spouse abuse - Learning disabilities - Childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse - Post traumatic stress disorder - Psychosomatic, stress and medically related conditions - Psychic and spiritual awakening/crises, including with psychotic features - Spiritual blocks and disturbances


The following life skills training components can be integrated as part of the total treatment approach, to give you tools for self-empowerment that you can use for the rest of your life:

Relaxation - Stress Management - Self-Hypnosis - Meditation - Thought Mind Mastery (cognitive behavior therapy) - Anger Management - Communication and relationship skills - Positive parenting techniques - Time management - Values clarification - Goal Setting - Spiritual Self-Development


The following tools and techniques are used to create healing of deep-seated core issues and positive, transformational changes in one's personality:

Hypnosis - Inner Child Healing - Multiple Ego State and Sub-Personality Integration - Regression (Past Life) Therapy - Spiritual Transmutation - Holodynamics - EMDR - Neurolinguistic Programming - Quantum Transformational HealingTM   

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