Free Meditation Techniques

The 3 following meditation and guided imagery processes developed by Laura Sturgis, Ph.D., which will be included in the chapter on Spiritual Self Development in the soon to be released book "Quantum Transformational Healing." They are offered to you as a gift of love for your self-mastery and ascension.

1. Spiritual Alignment, Christ Integration, Transmutation and Protection

This meditation uses the healing rays of Golden-White for Divine Alignment, The 3 Fold Flame of Love(Pink), Wisdom(Gold) and Power(Blue) for Christ consciousness integration, the violet ray of transmutation, and blue/silver for spiritual protection. This meditation will assist you in your spiritual evolution by aligning you with your spiritual, or Divine "I AM" Self, integrating your own Inner Christ Self, healing and transmuting energies that you are releasing and clearing, and protecting you from unwanted negative thoughts, emotions, energies or entities outside of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

2. Connecting with Your Inner/Higher Self & Spiritual Guides

In this guided imagery process, you will be guided to your own Inner Spiritual Place of Peace, and connect you with your own Inner/Higher Self, or "spiritual guide or teacher," in order to receive clear inner guidance and healing.

3. Detaching from Outcomes to Receive Clear Inner Guidance

In order to receive clear inner guidance, we need to release our desires or attachments to having certain outcomes. This guided imagery process teaches you a technique which enables you to know when you are in a CLEAR state to receive spiritual guidance and how to know when you are NOT CLEAR, because you are not ready to hear or accept certain outcomes. This is a very valuable guided imagery process that you can use to check if you are clear to receive guidance for making important decisions in any and all areas of your life. Use it often to see what is in yours and others, "highest and best interests" in any given situation and then follow your clear inner guidance!

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