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VibraSound is an advanced, state-of-the-art technology incorporating music, sound, light, and vibration. It provides a multisensory approach to integrated deep relaxation, music therapy, music meditation and inner journeying experiences, by increasing the alpha/theta brainwave frequencies. The following is a list of some of the new programs we have developed for various applications.


*1. Pyramid Portal

A very powerful inner journeying sequence with mellifluous layering of music and sound sequences including classical Egyptian music and Paul Horn's exquisite flute music recorded from the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

*2. Spirit of the Redman

Sonorous blending of Native American drums, flute, and chanting combine to create a wonderful Shamanic journeying experience.

*3. Manchurian March to Tibet

Chinese traditional and folk music, Tibetan Buddhist monk chanting, and tantric environmental music propels you on a spiritual trek to experience ancient sacred ceremonies in the Great Hall of Tibet.

*4. Atlantis Revisited

Return to the healing temples of Atlantis during the enlightened period using a musical exploration of healing with colored lights and vibrations.

5. Oriental Initiation

Spiritual balance and alignment using Japanese Mahikari and Tenrikyo chants, and the theme from Shogun.

*6. Universal Traveler

A musical sampler of exquisite "space music", to let your spirit soar and explore new realms of inner and outer space!

7. Chants of a Lifetime

Sacred, meditative chanting and songs from various cultural and religious traditions including American Indian, Tibetan, Hebrew, Buddhist, and Hindu.

*8. Eye of the Needle

For some people, this sequence recalls the story of creation or genesis and moves one emotionally through experiences of separation, and fear, through dualities of light/dark, good/evil, and their reemergence into Divine Oneness. Not for novices!

*9. Angelic Ascension

Inspiring, spiritually transcendent, expansive, soaring and majestic all describe this music which blends traditional sacred and symphonic Western classical influences.

10. Sacred Drumbeats 'Round the World

Drums and percussive rhythm sounds from a variety of ethnic and native cultures around the globe.

11. Sounds of the Mothership

Space music and recording of actual spaceship sounds by Fred Bell, a former NASA physicist, to facilitate communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.

*12. Hebrew Songs of Ascent

Sacred Hebrew melodies and chants invoking God, Archangel Michael and the angelic hosts creates a powerful meditative tape for spiritual alignment and protection.

13. Personalized Meditation/Inner Journey

Let your VibraSound operator create your personalized meditation/inner journey experience. Feel free to bring your own New Age, classical, or environmental music.

* Transformational Living Center favorites.

All musical programs can include a subliminal tape of your choice or a chakra balance tape.

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