More VibraSound Programs



1. Phoenix Rising

A blend of classical and contemporary musical pieces which inspire and import courage to overcome obstacles, and are physically energizing and empowering.

2. Catharsis to Compassion

This sequence moves one through the trials and tribulations of life, the bittersweet experiences of love with its sorrow, pain, and regret to find one's path of healing to inner peace and unconditional love.

3. Healing of the Heart

A selection of instrumental and vocal music to heal the heart chakra by soothing and releasing hurt and anger, and inspire love and devotion.

4. Tribute through Tribulations of the Goddess

Musical movements including recollection of the persecution and oppression of women, to heal, honor and empower the feminine healer and Goddess in us all.

5. Story of the Sacred Hoop

A Native American medicine woman accompanied by flute and percussion instruments tells the Hopi legend of the Star People mending the Sacred Hoop and how to cope with future changes by flowing with the river of life. Great for learning detachment in these times of transition!


1. Planetary MusiColor Balance

"The Planets" by Holst plus other selected classical works presents a travel through the rainbow spectrum of music and color to effectively balance the chakras.

2. MusiColor Breathing

A guided imagery processing musicolor breathing adding the power of breath with focused intention to create a chakra balance.

3. Crystal Spectrum Suite

Melodious overlay of Halpern's Crystal and Spectrum Suites, both designed individually as a chakra balance tapes, to double your pleasure and for Musicolor chakra balancing.


1. High Coherence

Contemporary New Age favorites are combined with a brain synchronization tape described by the developer as a "layer cake" of different frequencies, including 1.5Hz, which causes growth hormone and a "Fire Frequency" in the beta range which frees the intellect and creative imagination with predominant activation in the theta range.

2. Music Massage

A selection of pieces with high vibration creating a powerful music massage to release tension from the body and promote deep physical relaxation.

3. Relax in Space

Experience timeless suspension through electronically synthesized "space music" for the inner sense voyager.

4. New Age Relaxation Sampler

Some of our New Age favorites presented with variety of sounds and moods in mind rather than blending and continuity.

5. Classical Relaxation Sampler

Includes Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Hondel or bring your own classical favorites.

6. Optimal Learning

Baroque favorites with the "largo" beat, with or without a subliminal, for enhancing learning and memory.

No guaranties are herein expressed or implied in using the VibraSound or any music, sound, or hypnosis tapes in conjunction with the VibraSound. All VibraSound is considered experimental in nature for purposes of relaxation, personal self-exploration and development of inner sense abilities.

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