Vibrant health is more than the absence of disease. Leading a happier, productive, balanced and more fulfilling life involves addressing many aspects of ourselves including physical, environmental, emotional, social, mental, creative and spiritual functioning.

The stressful pace of life, increasing pollution of our environment, rapid advances in technology and science, and unfolding interest in new found spirituality - all press us to meet greater challenges in ourselves, more than ever before. Normal, everyday stresses as well as life crises can create psychological adjustment problems such as depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, and relationship difficulties, resulting in dysfunctional emotional and behavioral problems.

Lack of training in basic effective living skills, such as relaxation, anger management, communication and parenting skills, as well as accumulated unresolved childhood and adult negative or traumatic events, can result in difficulty coping and adjusting to life's current challenges.

At the Transformational Living Center, a holistic, integrative approach is used, incorporating counseling, life skills training, traditional Western psychotherapeutic techniques, and advanced transformational and spiritual healing, to treat a variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.

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