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Quantum Transformational HealingTM

The book "Quantum Transformational Healing" by Ellara Archturya, the spiritual name of Laura M. Sturgis, Ph.D., is currently being updated . Below is the slightly condensed Table of Contents. If you would like to be notified when the revised edition of "Quantum Transformational Healing" is available, please Click Here.


Chapter 1 - Integrating Eastern and Western Models of Psychology and Spiritual Evolution

Kundalini Awakening
Research Studies on Meditation and Spiritual Evolution
Other Life Events that Facilitate Spiritual Awakening
Cycles of Transformation 

Chapter 2 - Spiritual Self Development

Spiritual Alignment, Christ Integration, Spiritual Transmutation and Spiritual Protection
Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation
Developing Your Inner Sense Abilities
Characteristics of the 4 Types of Inner Sense Abilities Personalities
Meditation to Open Inner Sensory Energy Centers
Connecting With Your Inner/Higher Self and/or Spiritual Guides
Detaching from Outcomes to Receive Clear Inner Guidance

Chapter 3 - Christ Consciousness Integration, Mastery and Ascension

The True Story of the Lost Years of Jesus
Jesus as a Model of Ascension
Christ Consciousness Integration and Spiritual Evolution
The Three-Fold Flame of Christ Consciousness Integration
The Six Initiations to Self-Mastery and Planetary Ascension 

Chapter 4 - Integration: The Key to Transformation and Spiritual Evolution

The Two Energies of Polarity/Duality
The Two Governing Laws of Polarity:
The Law of Similars and The Law of Opposites
Ego Integration
Consciousness Integration and Spiritual Evolution
The Three Levels of Mind or Consciousness
The Four Bodies
Balancing the Four Bodies
Species Evolution and Vibrational Frequencies
Characteristics of 4th Density Integration 

Chapter 5 - Quantum Transformational Healing

Integration is the Key to Spiritual Evolution
Introduction to QTH
Quantum Transformational Healing Basic Script
1. Spiritual Alignment and Clearing
2. Locate Inner Place of Peace (IPOP)
3. Connect with Your Inner or Higher Self (I/HS), Full Potential Self (FPS) or Guides
4. Identity the Most Important Problem / Issue (MIPI)
5. Access the Problem/Issue on a Sensory level in (or around) your Body
6. Ask the Problem Part What it Wants at Its Highest Level of Intention and Purpose (HLIP)
7. Ask Who Can Give the Problem Part What It Wants at Its Highest Level of Intention and Purpose (HLIP)
8. Ask the Problem Part if it is Willing to Accept Help
9. Is the Healing/Helper Part Ready to Give Help
10. Integration of the Healing/Helper Part with the Problem Part to Create the Transformation
11. Integrating the Transformation on Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Levels
Progression of Steps - In Depth Discussion
QTH Frequencies and Patterns of Occurrence of Specific Shadow Aspects
Case Examples of General QTH Sessions 

Chapter 6 - Shamanic Journeying

The History and Process Shamanic Journeying
QTH case examples of Shamanic Journeying

Chapter 7 - Inner Child Healing

The Importance of Inner Child Healing
Case examples of Inner Child Healing using QTH 

Chapter 8 - Past/Parallel/Future Lives

Historical Foundations of Karma and Reincarnation
Pre-Christian References to Reincarnation
Reincarnation: Biblical and Christian References
Open-Minded Pragmatism
Past/Parallel Life Therapy Using Quantum Transformational Healing
Past/Parallel Life Therapy Session Examples
Handling Strong Catharses or Abreactions in Clients During Past Life QTH Sessions
Differential Diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) vs. Past Life Personalities
Toward a Unified, Multidimensional Understanding of Past/Parallel/Future Lives and Reincarnational Theory

Chapter 9 - Spirit Release

Historical Review of the Belief in Spirit Possession
How and Why Spirit Attachment Occurs
The Principle of "Like Attracts Like" or the Law of Similars
Manifestations of Influence, Attachment or Possession by Demonic Spirits
Command Exorcism vs. Compassionate Spirit Release
Techniques and Approaches to Releasing Attached Spirits
Therapist Requirements for Doing Spirit Work: Releasing Fear and Judgment
Therapist Requirements for Spirit Release Work: Treating Demonic Spirits
Language Patterns that Facilitate Spirit Emergence
Treat Spirits Like People
#1 Integration of Polarities Technique
#2 Color Ray Healing for Integration of Christ Consciousness, Activation of the Divine "I AM" Self, and Ascension
Spirit Release: Basic Summary and Script
Spirit Release Case Studies
Common Problems and Solutions during Spirit Release using QTH
Common "Hidden Positive Functions" of Attached Spirits
A Note Regarding Schizophrenia and Related Psychotic Disorders 

Chapter 10 - Spiritual Implant Removal

What are Spiritual Limitation Devices or Implants
Spiritual Implant Removal Case Studies

Chapter 11 - Spontaneous Spiritual Healing

The Characteristics of Spontaneous Spiritual Healing
Spontaneous Spiritual Healing Case Studies

Chapter 12 - Complex and Multi-Dimensional QTH Sessions

Complex QTH Case Examples
Polarity and Multi-Dimensional Integration Script
Multi-dimensional QTH Session 

Chapter 13 - Clinical Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations using QTH

Models of Psycho-Spiritual Integration & Transformation
Differential Diagnostic issues in Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening Crises
Contraindications in Facilitating Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening Processes
Treatment Considerations in Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening Crises
Grounding and Centering Techniques

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