Quantum Transformational Healing



Over the past 25 years, Dr. Sturgis has developed and used an evolutionary therapeutic guided imagery or hypnotic process called Quantum Transformational HealingTM , which incorporates Holodynamics, Divine Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, and Neurolinguistic Programming. QTH is based on integration of the three levels of consciousness drawn from spiritual, psychological and Hawaiian belief systems, and can be used to effectively release and heal a wide variety of symptoms and problems. QTH is a comprehensive, multidimensional transformational therapy which can be used for: Inner Child healing, integration of sub-personalities, attached spirit release (exorcism), past/parallel life therapy, and removal of implants or spiritual limitation devices.

I Am Self, Inner/ Higher Self Super-
Superego Parent Aumakua
Human (Mental & Emotional) Human Personality Conscious Ego Adult Uhane
Animal (Physical & Instinctual) Shadow Unhealed Self Unconscious Id Child Unihipili

    Spiritual            Psychological Hawaiian

Tripartite Consciousness Integration Model

The process of psychological transformation and healing begins by connecting with the superconscious, also known as the true, Spiritual, or Inner/Higher Self, to receive clear inner guidance and bring into conscious awareness our repressed, unconscious, unhealed shadow aspects, which are the root cause of unwanted physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease symptoms. QTH typically results in spontaneous changes in thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns in a single session. With repeated use of QTH, deep-seated core issues comprising the layers of the unhealed, limiting or False Self are revealed and transformed, and the superconscious or True Self is more active in the personality. Thus, even so-called chronic psychological problems can be significantly reduced or eliminated as part of the Quantum Transformational Healing process.

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